The Evidence Live 2018 Symposium.

The Evidence Live 2018 Symposium.

Date:        2018/6/19-20

Location: Oxford, the UK 

A 2 conference jointly hosted by the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford and The Bristish Medical Jourmal.

Plus a half day of lectures and workshops on dissemination and communication aimed at early career reaerchers - Monday June 18th - Available as a stand alone or supplemetary extra.

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BZ4000 43920 88 S8054

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18th June 2018

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Poor quality dissemination of research can hinder the uptake of evidence into practice  and too often permits ghost authorship,publication and reporting bias (including the under-reporting of harms) and publishes results that are over-interpreted or misused, or sometimes have uncorrected errors or undetected fraud.

Evidence Live 2018 will focus on the dissemination of research discussing ways to ensure good sound evidence is disseminated in the right way to the relevant end users to improve the delivery of healthcare.

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